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Mine Access Roads


Getting to the mine site can be problematic as access roads sometimes traverse mountains, soft soil, tundra, permafrost or seasonal 'washout' spots.


Stable Road® is a new innovative solution for mine access roads. With minimal excavation and preparation, Stable Road® performs better than dirt or packed aggregate and greatly reduces construction schedule. Stable Road® resists wash out and eliminates rutted, soggy road so it is safer and greatly reduces annual maintenance expenses. In it's simplest form, Stable Road® is a single layer of Stable Flow®. This is a self levelling, self consolidating, lightweight cellular concrete that installs quickly with little labor. Stable Road® has bearing capacity up to 18 kg/cm2 (36,000 psf). If more bearing capacity is required, a top coat of higher density, higher strength Stable Air® concrete is applied.


Underground Mine Roads


Replacing conventional underground mine roads with Stable Road® is an immediate way to:


  • 1. Eliminate ongoing regular road maintenance with a grader
  • 2. Reduce underground Diesel Particulate Matter
  • 3. Improve road safety
  • 4. Improve air quality