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Shaft Stabilization


Shaft stabilization presents many challenges which must be overcome for safe and efficient underground mining.


The Stable Air® system of concrete air entrainment provides Mine Engineers with a new tool for effectively solving many of those challenges. Flowable fill made with Stable Air® is an economical grout with excellent flowability and extraordinary performance. Stable Flow® is flowable fill made with Stable Air® with density of 482 kg/m3 and designed strength from 0.3 to 1.7 MPa.


Stable Flow® is used to fill shafts that become destabilized and unsafe. Complete shaft fill can be done then bored for new liner insert. Alternately, Stable Flow® can be used as annual fill between the old destabilized shaft and the new insert. Stable Flow® effectively penetrates fines cracks and voids and cures with little or no shrinkage.


Abandoned tunnels and work areas can be effectively filled with Stable Flow®. Stronger fill can be designed as required. Below 1.0 MPa, Stable Flow® is excavatable with a hand shovel.


See Flowable Fill - Stable Flow for more details.