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Vaulted Materials


Since some by byproducts of mining processes are potentially harmful to people and the environment, vaulting of such materials is a responsible and effective protection.


Stable Air® concrete is especially suited to vault construction and waste material solidification. Here's why:


  • 1. Reduced bleeding = no wormholes
  • 2. Closed cell structure - air bubbles not connected
  • 3. Low permeability
    • - Lightweight structural Stable Air® concrete (1,766 kg/m3 with 27% Stable Air®) has the same permeablility as low permeability concrete (1 x 10-8 cm/sec)
    • - Stable Flow® flowable fill / grout (482 kg/m3 with 80% Stable Air®) has the same permeablility as average permeability concrete (1 x 10-6 cm/sec)
  • 4. For a given density, Stable Air® concrete can achieve higher strength due to its extremely efficient air void system (tiny bubbles, evenly distributed)