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Stable Air System - FAQ

Stable Air® is the award winning concrete air entrainment system that consistently delivers accurate and durable air content from mixing through transport, placement and final cure.

The Stable Air® system has 3 components: 1. Patented aerator 2. Patented Stable Air® admixture 3. Proprietary mix design program

With water, compressed air and electricity connected, the aerator dilutes the Stable Air® admixture, combines it with compressed air and processes that mixture through the patented lens. The output - Stable Air® foam, is added to the concrete mixer for the last 3 minutes of mixing.

Since Stable Air® bubbles are durable in concrete, many of the problems associated with bubble collapse and air escape are avoided and solved with this technology.

Significant results include: Reduce water/cement ratio Reduce bleeding, shrinking, cracking Reduce weight of concrete from 5% to 85% Easier to pump - lower pump pressure Easier to place - self consolidating; no vibration Easier to finish - self levelling; doesn’t stick to tools Significantly extended transit life with no retarder; no added water At 76% air content; pour 10 foot raises with little/no shrinkage Improve earthquake resistance with 35% reduction of building mass Improve comfort by converting concrete from heat sink to insulation

Unique Characteristics :

1. The percentage of air entrained and the concrete density is reliably and accurately controlled

2. Loss of air content through normal processing operations (mixing, transporting, pumping, placing and finishing) is very low

3. The many trillions of tiny bubbles migrate throughout the concrete mix and act like tiny flexible ball bearings superplasticizing low-slump, low water/cement ratio concrete into flowable, placeable concrete with improved freeze/thaw protection

4. These same tiny bubbles, act like a lubricant assisting the flowability and migration of the mix into voids and under embeds in the concrete mix. In soil cement applications improved drilling production and vastly improved freeze/thaw protection have been achieved

5. Because mix water can be kept near the absolute minimum, with a few adjustmentstothemixdesign,StableAir® hasproducedstronger concrete than ever before at weights of 1,925 kilograms per cubic meter and less

6. Shelf life of the Stable Air® admixture is 15 years

7. Keeps mix workable for 4 hours with no retarder and no additional water