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Stable Air Uses


Stable Air® is used to produce cellular concrete, foamed concrete, Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC), Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC), Controlled Low Strength Materials (CLSM) and flowable fill.


Whether it’s structural concrete (columns, beams, slabs), lightweight structural concrete (high rise floors), structural fill, non-structural fill or flowablefill, the Stable Air® system allows maximum compressive strength at each density due to its extremely efficient air void system.


Ready Mix - Footings, foundations, slabs, all cast in place


Precast - I beams, slabs, sandwich panels, sound barriers, ICF blocks,
many others


Flowable Fill - Foundation backfill, utility trenches, bridge abutments, overpasses, retaining walls, abandoned storage tanks, pipes and sewers


Mining - Cemented Paste Backfill (CPB), shaft stabilization and fill, abandoned mine fill, solidification and vaulting of hazardous materials, mine remediation


In remote locations, soft soil or tundra, sub-foundations for roads, runways, buildings and railroads made with Stable Air® can reduce required excavation and deliver a more stable base.


That's because Stable Air® cellular concrete resists shifting, settling, erosion and frost heave. And because it pumps better, flows better, is self consolidating and self levelling, less time is required to place Stable Air® cellular concrete.